Materially Speaking

A podcast where artists tell their stories through the materials they choose.

Hosted by Sarah Monk, will kick off by talking to sculptors working with marble in Northern Italy. They tell of their literal, and artistic, journeys and we meet the artisans, toolmakers, quarrymen, and studio heads who together have created a unique artistic community around a town called Pietrasanta.

Flavia Robalo and Veronica Fonzo in stone sculpture studio with dog Quarry at Carrara, Italy scupture Douglas Robinson carving stone

You’ll hear tales of identity, endurance, migration, inspiration and the impact of random acts of kindness. Nature has always inspired artists but how is this relationship changing as natural resources, that have sustained us for thousands of years, diminish before our eyes? We discover many ways of working and the pros and cons of applying new technology to the sacred heart of art.